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TITAN is the first stop for the Productive Truancy

Alexander Innovation Zone continues the implementation of the educational program “Productive Truancy”, where students of the General and Vocational High Schools of Central Macedonia get to know innovative businesses of Northern Greece.

The first stop for this year was the Factory in Efkarpia of the TITAN Group, an international producer of cement and construction materials that serves customers in more than 25 countries around the world, through a network of 14 clinker-cement plants and three cement grinding units. The Group also owns quarries, ready-mix concrete plants and other production and distribution facilities and employs approximately 5,400 people.

Students of the 3rd grade of the 1st high school of Thermaikos participated in the educational interactive program “Doctor Why? AND THE SUPERPOWERS OF SCIENCE” organized by TITAN, under the scientific supervision of the National Research Center for Natural Sciences “DEMOKRITOS”. The students in pairs of 2 and using laptops, programmed and operated the robotic arms by writing codes and showing them sequences of movements, under the guidance of the lecturers Tajika Christou, Ilias Chouridis and Kouia Grammatikis.

Then, they were informed by Mr. Kelidis Christos, Mechanical Engineer of the factory about the cement production process, the factory’s activity, the local contribution, the environmental actions it implements as well as the Health and Safety measures. Finally, the activity was completed by making a short tour of the external areas of the Factory, in order to gain a global understanding of the work in the context of an industry

The Purpose of the Productive Truancy program, which has been approved by the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, will contribute to informing students about professional development, career choices and planning through business innovation and the production process.

Warm thanks to the Management and Executives of the TITAN Efkarpia factory for their kind hospitality and support.

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