Thess INTEC | Thessaloniki Innovation & Technology Center

The Thessaloniki Innovation & Technology Center Thess INTEC , a private sector initiative, with the participation of the city and the full support of the Government will be created in a privileged area of ​​760 acres of the Municipality of Thermaikos next to the Thessaloniki Airport Macedonia that was granted especially for this purpose by the Government to Alexander Innovation Zone  according to article 18 of Law 4690/2020 (Government Gazette AD104).

The creation of the 4th generation International Technology Park, where renowned companies will set up research and development departments and research teams will collaborate with industrial and business partners both from Greece and abroad, was one of the main goals of Alexander Innovation Zone. The choice of cooperation with the private sector (Thess INTEC), demonstrates the belief that only through synergies can Greece create innovative cutting-edge products and services.


Superb waterfront property (coast of Perea) in the Municipality of Thermaikos next to Thessaloniki’s International Airport “MACEDONIA”.


760.807 sqm (Total B.U.A.: ~ 250.000 sqm)

Form of Thess INTEC SA

Not-for-profit, Public Benefit Societe Anonyme

  • 58% Private Sector Institutions and Companies (7 Board Members)
  • 42% Public Sector Institutions (4 Board Members)
Surface Owner

Alexander Innovation Zone SA 

Exclusive Surface Rights for 99 years

In favor of Thess INTEC SA – Business Park Development Company
Notarial Act (04.02.2021)


One of the Largest

Innovation and Technology Centers in Europe

Thess INTEC is expected to be one of the largest Innovation and Technology Centers in Europe, where in the next 10 years it will attract investments from companies both from Greece and abroad, with a total economic result of over 500 million euros and will gradually create 7.000 jobs.

Legal framework for the implementation

The relevant legal framework was established on the initiative of the Alexander Innovation Zone, the special purpose societe anonyme, “Business Park Development Company Thess INTEC SA” not-for-profit for public benefit, granting it the “surface right” for the next 99 years. The share capital is represented by a majority of private sector entities, while a minority by Alexander Innovation Zone SA. and other actors in the narrow and wider public sector.

4th Generation Technology Park

Establishment of Thess INTEC | Thessaloniki Innovation and Technology Center

The project

at a glance

According to the project action plan, in 2022, the implementation of the final Technical Studies and the construction of the basic infrastructure projects required by Law 3982 / 2011 on Business Parks.

The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2023 with the construction of the remaining infrastructure and building facilities intended for the co-location of innovative Businesses, Research Institutions, Start-ups within the 6 Mega Projects included so far in the first phase of Thess INTEC, with a budget of 70 million euros + VAT.

The project is funded by a combination of private non-profit funds, Community funds and a European bank loan.

The first phase of the project concerns the implementation of the basic infrastructure for the entire area and 10% of the building facilities included in the Master Plan of Thess INTEC. The implementation of the remaining 90% of the buildings is planned to be developed cleanly and only with private funds of investors to whom can be leased individual parts of the total area for construction of laboratory premises, according to the operating regulations and specifications of Thess INTEC.

Initial Infrastructure Investment
€70 m. + VAT:
  • Land Configuration & Networks construction (on the total area)
  • Initial Building infrastructure ~25.000 sqm (10% of total B.U.A)
Next phases of Park’s Development:
>€500 m + VAT in the next 10 years
  • Private Sector Investments on R&D facilities
    (90% of total B.U.A)
Benefit for the national economy and the local communities
  • 7.000 new research related jobs
  • 2% increase in Central Macedonia’s GDP
Total financial impact:
  • first 10 years € 2.05b, first 20 years €11.20b  
  • Build Permits and Business Park Licensing, Q2/2022
  • Land Configuration & Networks construction, Q2/2023
  • Building infrastructure completion, Q2/2024


Thess INTEC S.A.


Office 445, Headquarters
54123 Thessaloniki, Greece
Tel: +30 2313 501334