Thessaloniki Innovation Zone

Information about the Thessaloniki Innovation Zone

What is an Innovation Zone?

Around the world Innovation Zones act as magnets for large and small enterprises or R&D departments of large enterprises that ...

Thessaloniki Innovation Ecosystem

The Innovation Ecosystem of Thessaloniki consists of Academic Institutions (Universities, Colleges), Incubators, Co-Working Spaces, Institutions and Organizations, Research Institutes ...

Alexander Innovation Zone

Learn about AIZ

What is AIZ?

AIZ (Alexander Innovation Zone) is the managing body that has undertaken the management and development of the Thessaloniki Innovation Zone.

AIZ Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Alexander Innovation Zone SA was appointed on 17.01.2020 and consists of 6 Regular members chaired by Dr. Kiriakos Loufakis.

Our Team

Our team consists of the AIZ Board of Directors (BoD) and its personnel.

Our Venues

The architectural design of the spaces is based on the following axes: Innovation, Social Responsibility, Productivity and the Environment.

Media Kit 

Official logos of the Alexander Innovation Zone and its programmes and initiatives in order to be used in publications.