Alexander Innovation Zone participated in the Erasmus + POWER program in collaboration with the following organizations (5 Universities and 4 Incubators) from Greece, Spain, Latvia, Poland and Finland.

Program Objective

The POWER programme aimed to create a sustainable pan-European internship ecosystem, which focuses primarily on the placement of postgraduate students with high qualifications from partner Universities in internship positions in startups.

For the most effective management of placements an electronic platform was set up that facilitated the matching between positions offered by startups and students seeking for an internship.

The members of the POWER consortium had set ambitious goals to work closely with more than 50 partners, including universities, networks across the EU and incubators.

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To whom is it addressed?

The POWER project is for postgraduate students, Universities, Startups and Incubators. 

Postgraduate Students

Explore your talents, share your skills and learn more about entrepreneurship through hands-on experience in start-ups across Europe.


Benefit from the digitization of tools and services for managing student internship placements and increase the visibility of your University placement opportunities.


Collaborate with young talent from European universities and gain new perspectives for your business and further development of your startup.


Ability to collaborate with universities across Europe and facilitate the further development of the startup community.

What it offers

The POWER project offers a range of services to Universities, Companies, Incubators and Students.

ICT tools

Creation of a connected set of ICT tools for universities and incubators to facilitate the promotion of placement opportunities in start-ups and facilitate the overall placement management process.

Collaboration Opportunities

Creation of structured collaboration between academia and non-academia by increasing and diversifying collaboration opportunities between universities and incubators.

Vocational empowerment

Vocational empowerment: Facilitate high-impact placements that aim both at empowering students to choose the career path of their careers, and at enhancing start-up development.

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