Alexander Innovation Zone S.A. (A.I.Z. S.A.) is the managing body that has undertaken to organise and promote the Thessaloniki Innovation Zone.

The company was established under Law 3489/2006 and is now supervised by the Minister of Interior pursuant to Law 4180/2013 on “substituting and supplementing provisions on the Thessaloniki Innovation Zone and other provisions” (A 182).

Some of the major steps taken by the company up until now, which have always been based on negotiations and the legislation in force, include the following:

  • The T.I.Z. Strategic Development Plan was prepared.
  • The delimitation of the T.I.Z. was published and public land was conceded, covering a surface area of 6 hectares in the area of Thermi for the development of the Zone’s first Pocket of Innovation.
  • At the initiative of the A.I.Z. S.A., a Memorandum of Understanding was signed with the top 16 research and innovative entrepreneurship entities of Thessaloniki. The objective is to increase synergies and the added value of joint actions under the umbrella of the Innovation Zone, thus facilitating the planning of immediate (short-term) and medium-term actions, such as branding the collective dynamic of this particular innovation hub and implementing collaborative actions between partners, while relying on the new financing tools created by the Greek state.
  • It is currently in touch with investors, research organisations and individual researchers who have expressed a strong interest in the venture as a whole.
  • A favourable provision has been granted under the recent investment law, which provides 5% additional aid to investment plans implemented within the T.I.Z.
  • A draft Joint Ministerial Decision has been prepared on the procedure and criteria for evaluating applications for the issuance of a feasibility licence for the establishment of innovative business activities within the T.I.Z., and has been submitted to the competent Ministries for approval.
  • The first important soft action of A.I.Z. S.A. has been created and successfully implemented by Thessaloniki Smart Innohub, which is housing new business plans with the intention of turning them into start-up businesses.