Alexander Innovation Zone S.A. (AIZ) is:

AIZ is the managing body that has undertaken the management and development of the Thessaloniki Innovation Zone. The role of AIZ is to strengthen and promote the innovative activity of the wider area of Thessaloniki, with an emphasis on public benefit purposes.

The company was established under law 3489/2006 and is supervised by the Ministry of Interior (Macedonia-Thrace Sector).   

In particular, in order to achieve its goals, AIZ’s strategic plan is based on the following pillars: 

  • Positioning and urban planning for the development of the first Digital Innovation Agrofood Hub  in an area of 60.000 m2 granted to AIZ in Thermi, Thessaloniki.
  • Development of the 4th  generation International Technology Park Thess-INTEC
  • Development of an innovation hub to support young entrepreneurship in the new facilities of AIZ in the historic center of Thessaloniki. 
  • Management of the young entrepreneurship pre-incubator Ok!Thess.
  • Establish international collaborations in order to attract foreign direct investment.
  • Networking- Promotion of Thessaloniki as an innovation-friendly destinationThessaloniki Innovation Friendly Destination (TIFD)”.