An Innovation Zone is:

Around the world Innovation Zones act as magnets for large and small enterprises or research and development departments of large enterprises that need collaborations, high level administrative and scientific executives and a supportive financial and tax environment.

An Innovation Zone is
A modern tool for scientific, technological and business development of a region or a whole country.
An area offered for the establishment of innovative enterprises and research entities engaging in rapidly-developing innovative activities, relying mainly on synergies, thus contributing to the economic development of the wider region.

Taking into account:

  • The existence in Thessaloniki of a critical mass of academic and research institutes that facilitates synergies.
  • The existence of competent executives for the operation of Research and Development Departments of medium and large companies or spin-off companies.
  • The geographical location to be an innovation hub of Southeastern Europe.

The Greek Government aiming to transform Thessaloniki into an international hub for the development of knowledge and knowledge-based entrepreneurship established the Thessaloniki Innovation Zone [TIZ] under law 3489/2006 supervised by the Ministry of Interior (Macedonia-Thrace Sector).

Purpose of TIZ 

Purpose of TIZ is the concentration of a critical mass of companies based on new technologies and innovation in geographically defined areas (pockets) of Thessaloniki.

Alexander Innovation Zone SA is the BODY for planning, managing and implementing the above project.

Demarcation of Thessaloniki Innovation Zone

Τhe activity boundaries of Thessaloniki Innovation Zone was determined, as depicted on the map below, according to the Joint Ministerial Decision with No. 5064/613/09.05.2012 by the Minister of Finance and the Deputy Ministers of Development, Competitiveness and Shipping and Environment, Energy and Climate Change (Government Gazette Α.Α.Π. 163 /10.05. 2012).