Alexander Innovation Zone

We strengthen and promote innovative activities in the wider area of Thessaloniki with emphasis on purposes of public interest.


The strategic plan of AIZ is based on the following pillars:



Creation of a Digital Innovation Center for the Agrifood


Creation of the International Technology Park 4th generation Thess-INTEC

Thessaloniki Innovation Friendly Destination


AIZ Incubator

Developing a new incubator to support startups and entrepreneurship.

OK! Thess Incubator

Management of the OK! Thess Incubator


Memoranda of Understanding

Our vision

Promoting the greater Thessaloniki area as an innovation-friendly destination through the creation of high value and specialized jobs which will change the economic profile of the Region and contribute to increasing the country’s competitiveness.


  • Creating a sustainable and strong innovation ecosystem

  • Creating new jobs

  • Attracting R&D Hubs

  • Attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

  • Extending the scope of existing innovative businesses 

  • Mediation and intermediation. 

  • Facilitating the establishment of new innovative businesses


  1. Support services for Startups 

  2. Training activities 

  3. Facilitating access to innovative sources of funding

R&D enhancement 

  1. Hosting of R&D Businesses 

  2. Fostering research synergies


Our Event Spaces


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Professional Awareness Event

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The community of young professionals of Thessaloniki-Together invites you to an event different from the usual. Come to an interactive event with workshops to discover your strengths. Define your career…
gr bossible in action

Be part of the biggest Youth Entrepreneurship Festival!

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The startup entrepreneurship ecosystem gathers at the 5th GRBossible Startup Entrepreneurship Festival “In Action” on December 8 & 9, 2022, at the National Research Foundation EIE. The festival is organized…
2ος κύκλος επιτάχυνσης

3rd Round of Acceleration – Application for Declaration of Participation

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The Alexandria Innovation Zone dynamically continues its actions to strengthen the Startup business community by consistently seeking to inspire, support and unite those who want to take their first steps…
job find skywalker

#JobFestival 2022 is coming on 18th-19th November in Thessaloniki and Athens!

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At the same time in Athens and Thessaloniki for the first time the largest and most complete job festival, the #JobFestival 2022, will gather employers and candidates on Friday 18…

Thessaloniki is … INnovation Friendly

Enjoy the journey to innovation and entrepreneurship.

Thessaloniki Innovation Friendly Destination


Synergies in the Thessaloniki Ecosystem

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