MIT International Workshop on Innovating (13-17 June, 2016)


The MIT International Workshop on Innovating is a residential, hands-on program focused on helping participants understand how to conceive and develop solid and demonstrable end-points for technology innovation.

The workshop aims to develop an understanding of innovation as real-world problem-solving, and sums our experience teaching this topic across the globe. As the workshop progresses we will work together with you to help you connect the larger objectives for innovating with the specific objectives of various entrepreneurial recipes born out of marketing and product design that have become recently popular.

We teach this workshop at MIT and draw participants from multiple countries, including Portugal, Russia, Greece, and some from MIT.  Accommodations, included in the price of registration, will be at local university dorms. Our goal is to initiate a culture of innovation across borders and develop an international cohort over the years.

The workshop will provide participants instruction and activities to enable them to:

  • Identify and understand that a business opportunity comes from solving a problem.
  • Sharpen their entrepreneurial and innovation skills through continuous practice.
  • Appreciate the value of a demonstration to help bring future business conversations to more tangible outcomes
  • Demonstrate their business concept to their chosen target audience (customer, funder, advisor or partner).
  • Lead their team to demonstrate the value underlying their concept to their target audience.
  • Understand the role popular recipes to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial marketing, and product design play in the larger goals for innovating.

Please contact Flavia Cardarelli at to enquire about fees and register for this unique program.


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