First stop of the new year for the “Productive Truancy” by Alexander Innovation Zone was EXANDIA, an IT company from Thessaloniki that produces software for customers abroad, which they met on 24/01/2023, students from 2 schools, specializing in Computer Science from the Technical school of EPAL VASILIKON and Electrical Systems and Networks Technicians of the Technical school of AMPELOKIPON.

As part of the program, the students visited the facilities of Alexander Innovation Zone, where they were given a tour of the collaboration, networking and work spaces the company offers. Communication Manager, executive of AZK, through an interactive discussion, introduced students to the concepts of entrepreneurship and innovation.

 Then Mr. Costas Kalogirou, CEO of EXANDIA presented the IT services that the company provides, which treats more than 25 employees as professionals pursuing a work-life balance. As noted by Mr.Kalogirou “Do what you love and take advantage of what you are good at” encouraging students to cultivate soft skills like adaptability, honesty and cooperation.

The students had the opportunity to learn through questions they addressed to Mr.Kalogirou any problems he may have encountered during his proffesional career. Finally, he mentioned to the IT industry, emphasizing that the demand for developers is bigger that the offer, and noted that the competitive advantage of the Greek programmers is their countinious efficiency during the time as well as their ability to think “out of the box”.

Exandia IKE was founded in 2018 by experienced IT industry executives with many years of experience and with the aim of developing software applications and providing integrated technology and IT solutions. It utilizes technologies such as digital twinning, big data, blockchain, while the mobile, web and cloud projects it implements are aimed at sectors of logistics, education, and fintech.

The company’s clients come from Europe, America, United Arab Emirates, with applications covering the development and implementation of Integrated Information Systems to their management and maintenance. The group of shareholders has participated with success in a large number of European and national research programs.

Purpose of the Production Truancy program, which has been approved by the Ministry of Education and Religion, is to contribute to the information of students on professional development issues, selection and career planning through the contact with innovative enterpreneurs.

Students said about the Productive Truancy:

<<I liked that the representative of the company talked to us about his personal life and experiences>>

<<I Learned more information about the programmer’s job”>>

Warm thanks to the Management of EXANDIA for the continuous support.

For more information:

Lida Papatzika, AZK Communication Manager

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