Next station of the “Productive Truancy” from Alexander Innovation Zone for the school year 2022-2023 was Olympia Electronics, leading company in the Greek industry of security systems , which hosted online, at 8th of February 2023, students from the first grade of Intercultural Education High School.

In the frame of the visit to the facilities of AZK, Alexander Innovation Zone via an interactive discussion, introduced students to the concepts of entrepreneurship and innovation. Then, Mr. Dimitris Lakasas, CEO of Olympia Electronics, talked about the concepts of first, second and third industrial revolution and how they affected the world and Greece in particular, noting that ever change brings resistance. Mr. Lakasas referred to the 4th industrial revolution technological evolution, digital transformation and internet addiction and discussed about the importance of perspicacity and critical thinking as soft skills.

Making a historical review, he talked about how the company started from a garage and evolved into its current form, advising students “Don’t be afraid to take risk in your life, especially when you have a new idea.” Mr. Lakasas referred to the differences between invention and innovation, the basic stages of innovation and its main pillars, while he answered to questions related to the difficulties of entrepreneurship and the competition.

Before the end of the visit, a tour of the AZK facilities took place.

Mr. Lakasas dedicated this action to the memory of his beloved colleague Dimitra Iordanidou.

Olympia Electronics was founded in 1979 by Nikolaos Lakasas and Panagiotis Arvanitidis. The company deals with the development of innovative electronic security systems using cutting edge technology. The manpower of Olympia Electronics stands at more than 160 employees with highly trained and qualified staff in the Research & Development Department and is the largest purely Greek electronics production unit security systems. Its presence is particularly dynamic in more than 72 countries. The company’s philosophy is based on the concept “we offer more for less’. Olympia Electronics produces high quality products of top technology and innovation, such as products: backup lighting, fire detection systems, electronics security systems.

Students said about the Productive Truancy:

“We learned a lot about business and future”

“It helped us communicate with our classmates and collaborate”

“I liked the vivid experience I had through Mr. Lakasa’s narration”

Purpose of the Productive Truancy program, which has been approved by the Ministry of Education and Religion, is to contribute to the information of students on professional development issues, selection and career planning through the contact with innovative entrepreneurs.

Many thanks to Olympia Electronics Management for the kind support.

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