On October 17, 2020, and time 11:00-12:00, Alexander Innovation Zone S.A. and the GREEK COMPUTER SOCIETY (GCS), Division of Macedonia-Thrace successfully organized the Webinar titled “Teaching my grannies coding” under the celebration of the EU Code Week 2020.

At this innovative Webinar, part of a cycle of webinars that will follow, 22 people participated from various Greek regions like Poros, Alexandroupoli, Veria and Koufalia. Children and their grannies in pairs, used the computer and with the help of Dr. Theodouli (Lia) Terzidou, who is a teacher in Information Technology and Petros Tsiompanis, who is a high school student, educated their elderly relatives, who:

  • learned how to use the video and audio conferencing platform Zoom
  • wrote their first few lines of code in a fun way by playing Minecraft at code.org
  • discovered that programming is creation, it is for everyone and it has no age restriction!

It is worth mentioning that the participation of grandmothers was double compared to that of grandparents where everyone expressed its excitement about this initiative. Another interesting finding concerns the ages of the participants. In particular, as for the elderly, the largest percentage of them was 71-80 years old, while even people over 81 years old participated. The majority of their young assistants were under 10 years old!

The goal of this initiative is to inspire “intelligent” startups to create innovative technology products and services tailored to the third – and wise-age needs. By observing the “digital” behavior of these people during this cycle of webinars, young entrepreneurs have the opportunity to listen to their needs and innovate while offering social work.

Stay tuned for the next online workshop!

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