What is Citython?

Citython is a short-term competition (two days) in which the teams that take part are invited to
provide solutions to urban mobility issues that citizens of the Municipality of Neapolis have to deal
with every day.
During the Competition, the teams will have to develop programs, templates, models, tools, or
applications that address all aspects of the challenges.

Citython Challenges

Assist safer access to places that attract children:

There are 44 playgrounds in the Municipality, 26 kindergarten and elementary schools, and 18 lowsecondary and upper-secondary schools. The municipality tries to ensure students’ daily mobility
safety by implementing structural and functional interventions. The perspective and needs of the
citizens are the priority for the municipality. The challenge is to create solutions that will support
the municipality’s efforts to provide security for children’s accessibility to schools and playgrounds.
We are looking for solutions that would facilitate accessibility along with solutions that enhance
awareness and support educatively the safe and healthy mobility.

Improve accessibility of the citizens to trial paths of the Seih Sou Forest:

Seih Sou is a landmark for the city and its role as the main attraction for visitors for leisure activities
could be enhanced. Accessibility of trail paths and facilitation of activities in the forest could
enhance the economic development of the whole municipality. The challenge is to reach more
visitors who can access the forest. We are looking for solutions that provide the means tools and
services for facilitating accessibility and leisure activities in the forest.

Increase usage of micromobility systems and enhance active mobility:

The dominant mean of transport in the Municipality of Neapolis-Sykies is the car and this fact affects
seriously the air quality of the city, causing congestion and noise that degrades the quality of life.
The challenge is to enhance the usage of micromobility means of transport like bikes and e-scooters
and promote active mobility. We are looking for solutions that either raise awareness of the citizens
or introduce innovative solutions related to micromobility…

Proposal -Data Availability

The teams will have to choose one of the above challenges and develop their proposal. The
proposed solution should be properly formulated, taking as a geographical level of implementation,
the Municipality of Neapolis-Sykies.
Teams can make use of any open source of data (e.g. https://opendata.imet.gr/, google) and enhance
the credibility of their proposal.

Group presentations

Teams should develop their proposal through a presentation (ppt). Their available time per group
to present their solution is 10 minutes (5 minutes Pitching & 5 minutes Q&A) Each group will have to
choose one person from their team as the speaker for the presentation, but also during the Q&As,
the other members may participate.
The presentation of each group should answer the following questions:

  • What challenge does the proposal face?
  • What are the mobility benefits of implementing the proposed solution?
  • How will the participatory process be ensured in the implementation of the proposed solution?
  • If data is used, what sources does it come from?
  • What methods of analysis and data mining were used and how?
  • What is the business plan of the proposed solution?
  • What possible legislative difficulties need to be overcome in implementing the proposed solution?


The steering of the groups on urban mobility and innovation issues will be undertaken by a fourmember team of transport scientists, consisting of the following members. Mentors should provide
the participants tips and advice on how they will develop and present theirsolution. On the first day
session, mentors will be needed from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM and they will listen to teams’ idea and
discuss with them on the way they will process their solution. On the second day mentoring session,
mentors should be present from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM and they will provide the teams ideas and
make suggestions.

  • V. Mizaras/ J. M. Salanova
  • G. Dimarelos
  • V. Genitsaris

Proposal Evaluations

Proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
Problem Analysis: Quality-Accuracy
Idea: Concept, Viability, Technical Quality
Pitch: Verbal and Visual Representation
The evaluation of the proposals will be conducted by a five-member committee of experienced
scientists and entrepreneurs as well as representatives of the Municipality of Neapolis-Sykies. The
jury members will evaluate the solutions through this form at the end of the presentations.

  • I. Politis
  • P. Genitsari
  • Κ. Loufakis
  • E. Kagiambini


  1. 800€
  2. 800€
  3. 800€

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