Onatros  pioneering application gives its users the chance to combine the right training with a healthy diet. “The users can have a balanced diet and training program which is elaborated by the cooperation between a nutritionist and a trainer if they download the corresponding Android and Apple application in their mobile phone”, Emmanouel Zoutas, the head of the startup company, explains. “The subscription begins from 30 Euros per month”, Mr Zoutas highlights and also claims that this innovative application has attracted many companies’ investment interest. “At the same time, we give the chance to many professional nutritionists and trainers to have access to the program of training, diet and our customers’ background”, Onatros chief highlights. Vasilis Vatsos, Tasos Chontrogiannis and Stavros Mikroglou also take part in this company. It should also be mentioned that Onatros was awarded for the best presentation in the competition Grow 2 Market, with which the program “Thessaloniki Smart Up Innovation Hub” of Alexandreia Innovation Zone was completed. The company was also awarded with the first prize for the best business idea in the competition BeatIT 2014 and took part in the contest EBAN which took place in Konstantinoupoli (Istanbul).