The innovation agency Among and the company TITAN continue dynamically the community of young professionals together, presenting the 2nd cycle of the program (October-December 2022) which focuses on 4 pillars: #togetnetwork#togetskills#togetwellbeing#togetevents

The need for together was born in Thessaloniki in the midst of quarantine, when among other challenges, the young people – and not only – abruptly redefined our habits and daily life. So listening to the young people around us experiencing isolation, lack of opportunities, limitation of professional networking, we came face to face with a phenomenon, which we want to combat through the youth community together! The purpose of together is to create a community of young professionals (25-35 years old) in Thessaloniki, which:

● Networks with city agencies and the opportunities they offer #togetnetwork

● Strengthens professionally with trainings on modern skills #togetskills

● Actively participates in the local community of Thessaloniki, having fun, relaxing and offering #togetwellbeing

● Organizes events open to the residents of Thessaloniki on issues that concern us today #togetevents

Be part of the 2nd cycle of the professional community together (October-December) to network, meet young people with similar concerns as you, discover Thessaloniki and its people. Together we strengthen the core of young people who remain in the city :).



● Opening event of the 2nd cycle and getting to know important institutions of Thessaloniki and the alumni of the 1st cycle together in collaboration with the Center for Digital Transformation & Digital Skills DTS – Cisco #togetnetwork

● “Negotiations skills” training with Eleni Charalambidou #togetskills

● Nature hike and participatory picnic #togetwellbeing

● Fun to be Connected – Open event of the alumni of the 1st cycle together #togetevents


● Networking action with successful Thessaloniki Startups in collaboration with the Alexandria Innovation Zone #togetnetwork

● “Personal Branding” training with Dr. Maria Gianniou #togetskills

● Participation in a voluntary action in collaboration with a creative agency of Thessaloniki #togetwellbeing

Professional Awareness – Open event of the alumni of the 1st cycle together #togetevents


● “Active Citizen” Networking action with organizations in Thessaloniki in collaboration with the X.A.N.Th. #togetnetwork

● “Empathy & Leadership skills” training with Gerasimos Kouvaras #togetskills

● Experiential workshop on the circular economy and active citizenship “My home, my neighborhood, the area I want to live” with InCommOn #togetwellbeing

● Creative Zero Waste – Open event of the alumni of the 1st cycle together #togetevents

We plan the together program together with innovative institutions of the city, whose action contributes significantly to the creation of strong communities:

Alexander Innovation Zone as a partner in actions related to technological and business innovation.

Center for Digital Post-Formation & Digital Skills DTS – Cisco as a partner in actions related to community networking together.

X. A. N. Th. as a partner of the actions concerning the activation of the city’s young people and volunteering.


Skills: You will strengthen your knowledge of the soft skills with the greatest demand in the Greek market, with access to educational material!

Inspiration: You will have the opportunity to chat with specialized professionals in Thessaloniki, to be inspired and to improve professionally, whatever your industry.

Balance: You will participate in activities that will bring you closer to the nature of Thessaloniki, but also to yourself 😉

Network & opportunities: You will develop an important network of institutions, companies and young professionals in the city who share the same concerns as you.

Certificate of Participation: You will obtain a certificate of participation if you participate in 60% or more of the program’s activities.


● September 30 – Applications close

● October 5 – Announcement of participants

● October 13 – Official program launch event


● Be young 25-35 years old.

● To live and work in the wider geographical area of ​​Thessaloniki.

● Devote 2-3 hours to the activities of the program. Most actions take place on Thursday afternoon and Saturday morning, with no exceptions.

● To participate in at least 60% of the 12 activities of the 3-month program, in order to successfully complete the program and take advantage of what it offers you.

● Positive mood to participate in a community that offers opportunities, shares experiences/knowledge and asks for your active presence!


Do you want to become a member of the most up-and-coming community in Thessaloniki?

Fill out the participation from here!

For any question contact the Project & Community Manager

Angeliki Kosmas