On May 28 2024, Alexander Innovation Zone hosted 70 academics and students from University of Sorbonne’s masters program in Innovation Management in France, as part of their training program. The students decided to visit AIZ, which supports growth and success of startups, innovators, and businesses in the region of Northern Greece.

After presenting the Northern Greece innovation ecosystem and discussing the goals and initiatives of AIZ, the executives, Costas Tramantzas and Lida Papatzika, led a conversation on how to turn creative ideas into profitable ventures.

The group had the chance to attend the presentation of two startuppers based at the AIZ’ premises, during a networking event. Specifically, Athleteswer’s founder, Thomas Deliopoulos, showcased his app, which provides to athletes race calendars, meetups options, results for races and also specific chat rooms, while the founder of CDXi solutions, Ilias Gialampoukidis, discussed how to identify spatial and multimodal AI analytics for both Green and Digital Transformation in public and industrial ecosystems.
Finally, the students took a tour around the AIZ’ venues that serve the modern way of working for start-ups, collaboration, meetings, networking and events.
Many thanks to the Sorbonne University Innovation Team and the French Institute of Thessaloniki for the visit.