Started back in 2011 the Entrepreneurship School began with one idea: that university professors aren’t teaching students how to become successful entrepreneurs. With that in mind the Entrepreneurship School aims to bridge the gap between entrepreneurial education and innovative learning through successful entrepreneurs who are willing to share their knowlegde and experiences with young and motivated people


The Entrepreneurship School is expanding to various regions over the world and their next stop is Thessaloniki


Why join the Entrepreneurship School Thessaloniki

You can join entrepreneurship shcool in order to empower your start up ideas and learn how to create your business.

  • Learn tips & tricks from successful entrepreneurs
  • Make potential business partnesr
  • Network and enter an international envirenment


The schedule of the Entrepreneurship School Thessaloniki

In order to give you the opportunity to get the best possible skills, the program of the entrepreneurship shcool consists a set of different modules:

  1. Direct interviews with successful entrepreneurs.
  2. Discusssion on business policy in order to get to know better the business ecosystem.
  3. Visit a collaborative workplace or headquarters of a well recognized and prestigious company.
  4. Practise sessions (in order to prepare as a team for the final presentation)
  5. Night out as a team


You can also check the trailer video of entrepreneurship shcool at Volos here


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