Cymothoe Initiative, a prominent Greek not-for-profit organization, proudly presents the international BlueTech Competition, an innovative startup accelerator dedicated to fostering technological advancements in the Blue Economy. This new acceleration program will provide comprehensive support to 150 start-ups from Mediterranean and European countries over the next decade.

BlueTech Competition, initiated and organized by Cymothoe Initiative, is set to run with the support of the Alexander Innovation Zone and the Thessaloniki Port Authority. The program aims to facilitate the growth of blue entrepreneurship in Europe and Mediterranean, positioning Greece as a world-class hub for ocean innovation.

Program Highlights

Application Deadline: Applications will remain open until February 29, 2024.

Targeted Industries: Ocean & Maritime sector, including Shipping/Ports, Marine Transport, Shipbuilding, Fishery, Aquaculture, Coastal Tourism, Renewables, Aqualife, and more.

Program Structure: Hybrid, featuring online components and in-person demo days and finals in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Tracks: General, Port Operations, Safety Robotics, and Seabed Exploration.

Eligibility Criteria: A team of min 2 – max 5 founders. They have at least a prototype of their product or service. They have raised no more than EUR 500.000 so far.

Unique Features

Equity-Free Participation: Startups involved in BlueTech Competition are not required to offer any equity to the program.

Comprehensive Support: The program spans four months, offering targeted courses, expertise dissemination, mentoring, pitching techniques, international networking, and funding opportunities.

Global Inspiration: BlueTech Competition draws inspiration from reputable international acceleration programs, combining knowledge, industry best practices, marketable guidance, and targeted networking.

About Cymothoe Initiative

Inspired by Greek, the symbolism of sea nymph Cymothoe, and the rich maritime history of Greece, Cymothoe Initiative is committed to stirring the waters and fostering a wave of renewal in the maritime sector. The organization conducts events, forums, and actions related to maritime, focusing on networking, communication, and collaboration among institutional, market, and research bodies. Learn more at

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Vangelis Argyros
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