Delighted to host the EBAN – European Business Angel Network #board #meeting on May 23rd, 2023 at the Alexander Innovation Zone’ s premises #TIZ.

🎤🎤Janne Jormalainen Prodanovic Candace Johnson Peter Cowley (he/him) Nina Dremelj Petr Sima Annukka Mickelsson Nicolas Rouhana Ricardo Luz Marcel Dridje Guri Koiava Jacopo Losso Keti Chikhladze Albert Colomer i Espinet Marta Huidobro Caroline Amblard-Sai Rita Sakus Prof. Panayiotis KETIKIDIS, BSc, MSc, Ph.D. and #O’CONNORMichael

Excited for the Annual EBAN – European Business Angel Network Congress 2023, taking place in the next two days (24th and 25th) at the Ioannis VELLIDIS Convention Centre, where we’ll be discussing the latest in business angel investments.

Check out the agenda at

#businessangels #businessangel #innovation #investments #thessinnozone #thessaloniki

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