Thessaloniki is the ideal city and a friendly destination to:


Invest & Pioneer


Innovation Zone: 

A vibrant ecosystem of people and resources highly receptive to international cooperation 

Main Technology Areas: 

  • Life Sciences: agro biotechnology, food industry 
  • Information & communication technology 
  • Transport technology 
  • Automotive Design and Simulation Nanotechnology 
  • Energy and Green Technologies

Research and education: 

  • 4 major Universities including the biggest in the region (AUTH is the biggest University in Balkans) and the International one (IHU) 
  • 5 world dominant research centers within the biggest research institute in the country (CERTH) 
  • 150K+ undergrads, 20K+ grads students
  • 5K+ Researchers 
  • 500M+ Research Budget (EU, National, Regional, Private) the Thessaloniki Science Center and Technology Museum is one of the most high-tech museums in Southeastern Europe 


  • Vibrant start-up community 
  • Pre-Incubators/Accelerators 4 major incubators, the biggest in the country Innovation zone hosting and welcome facilities 


  • Many SMEs, only some large companies High-tech industry mostly SMEs Service and administration sector 70%+