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Alexander Innovation Zone creates the 1st Digital Innovation Center for Agri-Food!


Digital Innovation Center for Agri-Food

Alexander Innovation Zone is proceeding with the location and urban planning for the creation of the first Digital Innovation Center for Agri-Food in a conceded area of 60 acres in Thermi Thessaloniki, Regional Unit of Thessaloniki.


In Thermi, Thessaloniki, in an area of 60 acres, within Thessaloniki Innovation Zone, parcel 696 (KAEK 190432703005).


The area was granted for 25 years to AIZ with the possibility of extension for 10 years (2049), by decision of the Minister of Rural Development and Food (2184/108826/01-09-2014, ΑΔΑ ΒΧ68Β-Ε6Δ).