Why an Innovation Zone in Thessaloniki

Because we need a new, competitive growth model that will be based on the advancements of scientific research and new technologies. Besides, this is the direction that all of Europe is taking in view of the new global distribution of economic activities.

Because here in Thessaloniki there is an extensive academic and research community that can aid – through synergies and staff – the operation of research and development departments of medium and large enterprises or spin-off companies.

Because due to is geographic position and geopolitical significance, Thessaloniki can become the first, most important and the most recognisable innovation hub in Southeast Europe.


Why invest in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is an ideal place to research and innovate:
5 major Universities including the biggest in SE Europe
9 world respected research centers
150K+ undergrads, 20K+ grads students
the Thessaloniki Science Center and Technology Museum is one of the most high-tech museums in Southeastern Europe
Vibrant start-up community
4 major incubators, the biggest in the country
Thessaloniki Innovation Zone (ΤΙΖ) hosting and welcome facilities
A wonderful place to live and work
An excellent area to do business

Thessaloniki is the best location in SEE to invest and pioneer featuring a vibrant ecosystem of people and resources highly receptive to international cooperation

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