Incentives for business attraction

Thessaloniki Innovation Zone 

Unique and Advantageous

The success of the entire venture also depends on the establishment of a special legal framework of incentives for the T.I.Z., which will differentiate it from the rest of the country and convert it into an advantageous area for the development of innovative activities.

Preferential incentives for companies that will be established within the Zone

The incentives will apply exclusively to the companies that will be established in specific pockets/sections of the Zone within the geographically defined boundaries.

Incentives suggest possibilities such as:

  • Aidcost of investment plan, financial leasing of equipment, employment, interest rates
  • Tax  exemption of investment plan
  • Special tax  provisions for foreign scientists and market experts
  • Financing  of the cost of services for the conversion and commercial utilisation of new knowledge in innovative products

The current investment law (Law 3908/2011) has introduced special favourable provisions, under which investment plans implemented within the Innovation Zone shall receive five percent more funding.

At the same time, efforts are still being made to ensure exemption from the European Competition Directorate so as to establish further preferential incentives for the T.I.Z.

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